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Making people follow rules: Zen thoughts

  Making people follow rules You may see an order in the life of the grass and the plants in a man made park and an utter chaos in a forest. And you also know if you stop maintaining the park for one year, the park will be converted to chaos.  All religious countries and orthodox families believe in organizing everything and bringing an order into the lives of people. These intelligent but unwise people are control freaks. They try to change everything other than themselves.  But it is impossible to order things outside of ourselves unless you yourself are not in order. If you are orthodox, you have to stop your children study science and develop free and critical thinking. If they study all those stuff, like in European countries, their women would stop making babies and remain in four walls. They would claim equality. Then the chaos. The whole religious and family structure collapses.  So you see resistance. So you see anxiety. So you see increase in all kinds of diseases. So you see

Thoughts of offence or suicide and zen

  Thoughts of suicide do not come from outside sources, they are made inside. The frequent cause is a low self esteem or a sick ego, which is characterised by a  belief  that you are not good or up to the mark or you can not do well in any work. All negative ideas. "I am not good/ or up to the mark" is your own belief which you have never questioned. Your belief could be wrong. But the deeply cherished low self esteem prevents you from seeing the reality. But harbouring so much of negative thoughts does not prevent you from taking a college degree and working in a company, getting married and touring he world. You may also practice Buddhism where you show compassion to others and serve others.  But you will never excuse yourself. You cant love your own life. Living a life with this kind of superficial values for a length of time ends up in disappointment and the frustrations brew up. This leads to thoughts of suicide and offence. When you sincerely start practicing living mom

Be rich, Study science!

 Be Rich, Study science! Applied Buddhism does not mean being poor. If Bhutan was rich like U.K., then it would have been a far more happier country. Buddhism encourages all aspects of good life like wealth, health, generosity, freedom and equality. It is only in a rich society that people get good education , high standards of living and conducive environments for a joyful living. They use money to buy small things of happiness like a toy, a snack or a comic book.  More than anything, people are open to study science, progress and be free and independent. The study of science is crucial and invaluable in making life more meaningful. Otherwise they would spend time in some religious schools studying a millenia old stories supposed to be told by god, about how earth evolved, how life began and so on. They are so stupid that no man with sanity will buy them. (The satya narayana story) India is neither rich nor Buddhist. India's happiness rank is 139. This fact speaks everything.  Las

celebrating vesak 2022, plumvillage india news

The plumvillage India community of practicing mindfulness near Mysore is making preparations for a week long vesak  celebration  from May 16 to May 24 of 2022. This is a monastery as well as a short  stay retreat center for lay people. This runs on plum village traditions of Revered Thich Naht Hanh, and a global community of mindfulness practioners. There will be usual Avalokiteshwara chanting , several guided meditations and dharma talks by senior zen practioners like ranga nath master, You are requested to inform us before April 15. if you plan to attend the ceremony. This plumvillage india monastery and pratice center is located in beautiful natural environment. It is truely a home away from home.