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  All people around the world, you see would agree with this one point. We all want to be free from worries, anxieties. We want to lead a satisfied life. Look, if you are really serious and mature enough to go deep into this and try to understand this, you will see, all over the world, everybody will agree that you CANNOT have just happiness always, a pure 100 percent happiness. That is impossible Unhappiness always accompanies our happiness as if it is a package. They, both go together. ? That is fine. Ok A good discovery, but here is the trouble. The human mind works peculiarly. It knows that pain and happiness go together. It knows. But it wants to separate pain from happiness and desires to find a pure happiness. That is how the mind works. You give some pleasure to it; it enjoys it and then desires to keep it for a longer time. And that is very hard. And then it feels dis-satisfied. So, and then the mind starts searching everywhere, for a trouble-free, joyfulness which susta

Just a Balancing Act On Two feet

  I am a student. Just a student. I have been learning and expanding my knowledge. But my core, fundamental interest and my subject of study has not changed, it has remained the same over years. My interest is. This life This living, as we live in this day and to live a good life. I mean, a life of much more happiness and much less suffering and disappointment. In other words, this is my philosophy. I keep thinking about this, contemplating and inquiring and reasoning out. So, I am a philosopher, Phil means love and Sophie means wisdom… I love wisdom That is who I am not a doctor of medicine or follower of a religion. No nothing And I am sure the path of wisdom, the dispassionate inquiry takes me to a life of freedom a life of fulfilment. So, I say the essence of my philosophy is living this life and naturally it is it is the man, the human being, that is the central character here. It is a man-centered study. No divinity or idea or faith. I feel man’s dignity and sp