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Living the Zen

  The Indian thought process, the UPANISHADS says, ‘All that you see does not exist in actuality. It is a kind of an optical illusion, a Maya. that you think you are seeing some real thing. And you will be surprised the quantum physics also says the same thing. The matter that you study, you describe and dissect, actually does not exist. Matter and energy, are two sides of the same coin. They are not two distinct, separate entities. From here you look you see a particle. right? From there you look, you see waves and no particle. So, there is no matter, distinct from energy. So, it’s all energy. A vast Omni potent energy the universal consciousness if you want to call sour divine or God, if you want to call so. right? So, there is this universal consciousness and we humans are, the individual consciousness. a small bit of that same material. Right? And in our country, in this land sir Arabindo and Sri matha of Aroville, Pondicherry lived their life just expressing that d

You can not understand Zen

The first important information about Zen is it is impossible to know or understand the Zen through intellect or through reading, asking questions and listening to lectures. Zen is primarily an experience and a discipline which does not depend on any explanation. Zen is 100% practical, so you have to do it and feel it. It appeals directly to life. Your everyday life. You have to catch life as it flows in the moment after moment. If you are past 60, then take care, you will find it very difficult to absorb because by this age the brain starts shrinking. The best age to enter Zen is 30 to 50. Joshu was one of the most famous Zen masters in China, during the Tang dynasty. Once a new monk came to him and asked him to teach the Zen lessons. Joshu, said “Have you not had your breakfast yet?” The monk replied “Yes, Sir, I have had it already”. “If so, wash your dishes” - Joshu said. This remark of the master opened the new monk’s eyes to the truth of Zen. Look at this dialogue between. You Yi

The Right Understanding of Zen

You are all on your way to discover an appropriate way of life, where there would be minimum disappointments and worries right? So I say, even If you have no experience of what is that appropriate way or that glimpse of enlightenment. It is enough for you if you sit in the proper way and if you take care of the breathing. That is enough. But, you need to take care of two preliminary requisites. One is the right attitude.The other is the right understanding. The right understanding is taking care of the ordinary day to day life you know which is our very practice. When you sit in Zazen, that is Zen meditation you will be relieved from your racing racing thoughts. So without that thought structure you are sitting there. Now you are a free, calm and quie living, breathing in the form of a human being. You may call it a glimpse of enlightenment. Call whatever you want, but we call it just practice. Our practice is not just sitting meditation it is the activity, the work of the whole day.